Launch of Application Status Search feature on the Indian Patent Office website

This feature was a long-awaited one and requested by every one who deals or has ever dealt with the Indian Patent office. Controller General of Patent Designs and Trademark Mr. P.H. Kurian has launched application status search feature under the Indian Patent Information Retrieval System. Information regarding current application status of any Indian patent application can now be retrieved at the click of a mouse button from the IPIRS web page.

Earlier, one had to make an application under section 153 and rule 134 of the Indian Patents act to retrieve status information pertaining to an Indian Patent application. I had to often wait months after submitting my application just to even know whether the application has been examined or granted before I could initiate the filing of a pre-grant or post-grant opposition. With the launch of the new information retrieval system the task becomes much easier. Other than application status, one can also access database of the granted patents, published patent applications, and Controller’s decisions from the same web page.

One however needs to be cautious about the authenticity of the information provided by system as of now. Some of the cases which i know of currently being under examination, are shown as deemed to be withdrawn under section 11B(4) when searched using the application status search feature. The patent office have put up a disclaimer with regard to the same and are encouraging people to inform them in case discrepancies and bugs in the system.

Though not perfect, the move definitely will go down a long way in making the Indian Patent office more transparent and user-friendly in future. For me, this one was a sure shot sixer by Mr. Kurian.


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