IPAIRS System is down!

Launched with much fanfare earlier this year, the IPAIRS system which enabled user to track status of pending Indian Patent applications has been down since almost a week now.  Apparently it seems that the SQL database feeding information to the IPAIRS database is down. Hence, your queries will not result in retrieval of any information. I am not sure if other users of this system are also facing similar issues. Incase if they are, would like to hear from them.

This was a wonderful step by the current Controller General Mr. Khurian to increase transparency in the functioning of the Indian Patent office, but the initiative has run into maintenance troubles within a few months of its launch. India is known for it IT prowess, but ironically Indian Government organisation themselves are struggling with maintaining their IT infrastructure. Hope things are back online as soon as possible.

Update: Apparently, Patent office was carrying out maintenance on its servers from November 12 2010 to November 15 2010. Seems the maintenance extended beyond the schedule date and time. The site is back online.


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